Photos by Dan Weaver
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We are located in Alliance,Ohio
Welcome to Photos by Dan Weaver. I started out in photography in the late 60's (oops telling my age!) with a box camera. I came from a family of amateur photographers that loved to take pictures of everything! With my first job I saved up enough to start out with a 35mm camera and loved taking pictures of people! Graduated from NewYork institute of photography and persude a business of photography in the late 70's.
Dropped out for awhile to pursue a hobby of entertainment doing clowning, magic, balloons, juggling and the circus!
Photography interest came back with the new digital age! So back in full swing and ready to help with your next portrait or photo project!
Besides photographing family's, children, seniors, weddings,and other events I photograph promotion photos for magicians, models and circus acts. Studio or location

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